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SD20 – SAP course Sales in MM / SD SAP module

od 3900 Kč

SAP SD 20 course content

The SAP SD course will familiarize you with the processes and principles of SAP SD modules operation = Sales
and Distribution. We will learn the necessary transactions, special cases, such as customer returns and more.


In this SAP course you will go through the following topics

  • Set Material Master Data for expedition
  • Dispatch of goods
  • Transactions for the sale and shipment
  • Quotation, Order, Schedule agreement, Contract
  • Service selling
  • Watching terms, quantity supplied and inventory
  • Customer EDI
  • Returns from customers

Below you can see one of the videos we record and publish on our SAP YouTube channel from SAP Sales and Expedition.

The great advantage of SAP training, not only in the field of Sales and Dispatch, is that you can try out various processes
in SAP testing. In case of ordering for a multi-day SAP course, you have enough time to repeatedly return to heavier or new problems and together with SAP tutor overcome them.


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